Rarely Seen: Ultra-Traditional Barbera - 2013 Giuseppe Rinaldi Barbera d'Alba

Posted by Joe Salamone

Giuseppe Rinaldi is one of the famous traditionalists of Piedmont.

Finding his Barolos in the U.S. market is very difficult; finding his Barbera is next to impossible.

It's a shame because Giuseppe Rinaldi's is one of my favorite Barbera around.

Rinaldi's Barbera may be without peer in representing what the grape can produce when an unyielding traditional sensibility is applied. For me, the grape too often comes across as too slicked up and picked at a ripeness where it picks up liquor notes. You won't find this with Rinaldi's Barbera.

In Rinaldi's Barbera, you find a soulful sternness and rusticity that's really lovely. Hints of leather and game often sneak in as well. There's an impression that you're drinking a very well composed relic of the past. I can't think of a Barbera that takes an "old fashioned" feel to such a level.

The 2013 Barbera is a perfect example of what this bottling is all about. You have tannin and acidity nicely interwoven that leads to a gripping mineral presence on the palate. There's a good amount of high-toned bright notes, violets, herbs, spice - and this adds to the impression of vivid freshness.

The Rinaldi Barbera is a really unique and fascinating expression of the grape. I expect the 2013 to age fairly well on the mid-term. This is something that I encourage traditional Piedmont fans and just people who enjoy honest, soulful wine to check out.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer

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