Rarest of the Rare: Bodegas Tradición Palo Cortado Añada 1975

Posted by Joe Salamone

Rarest of the Rare
Bodegas Tradición Palo Cortado Añada 1975
Supreme Elegance: 250 Bottles, 50 Magnums Released

Bodegas Tradición offers some of the most compelling and aristocratic sherries.

Today, we're happy to offer one of their treasures.

Their Palo Cortado Añada 1975 combines two of sherry's rarest categories, Palo Cortado and single vintage (añada) sherries.

Last year, we offered Tradición's Oloroso Añada 1970 and it sold out very quickly. The quantities available are, as you can imagine, tiny.

I'm happy to offer the Bodegas Tradición's Palo Cortado Añada 1975 for $289.95 per 750 and $624.95 per magnum. There's no way around it that this is not an inexpensive bottle, but when you factor in the rarity, age and profundity of the wine, it seems more than fair.

Bodegas Tradición

Palo Cortado is pretty much a freak of nature, confounding sherry's neat categories. It comes with the snappy steeliness of an amontillado yet some of the richness and dark tones of an oloroso. And for many sherry aficionados, it doesn't get any better than Palo Cortado. It's an extremely rare, special category.

Añadas, or single vintage sherries, are incredibly rare and a singular expression of the category.

The wines that find their way into añada are most often from the best vintages and the finest botas (barrels). They are then sealed and can only be opened in the presence of the consejo regulador (the regulatory council) and the barrels can only be topped up with wines from the same vintage.

Evaporation is around 4% per year. After almost 40 years in barrel, the evaporation and concentration is serious (think of a loss of somewhere around 45-50%). The results are some of the most memorable and beautifully refined sherries that you'll encounter.

From the 1975 Palo Cortado, you can expect an absolutely regal, intense and explosively complex sherry. This is the sort of wine that grips your palate (and your mind) and won't let go. Out of all of Tradición's Añada releases, this is easily the most anticipated.

Refinement is the calling card of Bodegas Tradición. The signature of the bodega is the unmistakable nobility and complexity of their wines. In sherry, they may very well be without peer in this regard.

This is easily one of the most precious and downright thrilling wines in the world. The amount of wine available is small, the amount making it to the U.S. is even more so.

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Joe Salamone
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