Rarities from Cornas' Master: 06 & 07 Allemand Reynard

Posted by Ian McFadden

Rarities from Cornas' Master
2006 & 2007 Allemand Cornas Reynard
Lowest Price in the Nation

Thierry Allemand is far more than a master of Cornas, he's one of the most obsessive and skilled winemakers working today.

Allemand has been one of our favorite Northern Rhône producers ever since we first opened the store. He's been well chronicled in our offers so we'll keep today's offer fairly short.

I'm happy to offer Allemand's top wine, his Reynard from 2006 and 2007 at the lowest price in the nation.

For many people, Allemand is the heir apparent of the great Rhône masters, like Verset and Gentaz-Dervieux. Allemand's reputation is huge, but his holdings are not. He only has 4.5ha.

Tracking down parcels of Allemand, especially Reynard, often feels like a full-time job. Things have gotten even uglier recently as the Northern Rhône and, naturally, Allemand have blown up. These are the only bottles of 06 available in the country and there are only two other listings for the 07.

Both the 06 and 07 Reynard display what makes Allemand one of the great producers of the Rhone. Namely, a finely judged balance, combined with precision, all in a style of subtle depth with layered minerality and soil.

2006 has the most stuffing and power of the two with crystal clear and gentle spiced red fruits in the lead.The 2007 is vivid, filled with a lovely energy and very well balanced.

Allemand's Cornas are wines that I love to have in my cellar. He's so meticulous. The wines are so thoughtfully composed that they age wonderfully on their balance and their purity.

Allemand is one of the most talented people in wine today. I'm happy to offer these bottles.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits