Really, really good things are happening here - 2010 Faiveley Gevrey 1er Cru Cazetiers

Posted by Ian McFadden

"Really, really good things
are happening here." -Burghound
2010 Faiveley Gevrey-Chambertin
1er Cru Les Cazetiers

"A classic Cazetiers with everything that it needs to reward 15+ years of cellar time." -Burghound

Since the 2005 vintage, Faiveley has arrived. By all accounts, they've hit a level of quality that only a select few in the region achieve.

Word seems to be out... The number of serious collectors who have emailed us about Faiveley's recent vintages has grown by shocking proportions.

In recent years, the domaine has gone from strength to strength. And 2010 may even surpass their very impressive 2009 collection.

Classic may be the best single word descriptor of the 2010. The wines are just that vividly pure, that fine. And as the Burghound quote above makes clear, the "classic" label isn't an apology for a light vintage.

2010s are shimmeringly transparent, but that transparency doesn't come at the cost of less formidable mid-palates and real palate presence in general. Yields in 2010 are way down - up to 30-40% down - and that helped to create the unique combination of verve and concentration that makes 2010 so compelling.

Burghound aptly sums up the vintage as follows, "delivering superb flavor authority with such impeccable balance and grace."

The challenge with the vintage is two-fold: one, the combination of through-the-roof quality and small quantity will make securing sizeable quantities difficult. And this same combination will make prices climb even further.

Today, we offer some relief from the second challenge with what's one of the best 2010 values that we've come across, Faiveley's 2010 Cazetiers. At $72.95, it's the lowest price around.

As for the quantity issue, sadly, it doesn't seem like much can be done. We bought all we could, but the parcel is still small, which is why this offer is only going out to a small group who've supported our Burgundy program.

It's probably clear that 2010 is a very exciting vintage for Faiveley's 1er Cru Cazetieres. Cazetiers is one of Gevrey's top 1er Crus. And 2010 is a vintage that captures what makes this site special with impeccable clarity. Faiveley's 2010 1er Cru Cazetiers struts the site's muscle, its elegance and its top-soil inflected minerality with an imposing articulateness.

In 2005, the young and enterprising Erwan Faiveley took over the family domaine, and if the style at the domiane was ever a bit rustic, a bit rough around the edges in youth, Erwan has made some smart upgrades in the winery and the cellar to smooth these out without compromising their longevity. These are the most polished, refined and the most seductive Faiveleys in quite a few decades.

This has not gone unnoticed. The Burghound flatly writes: "Really, really good things are happening here."

The Burghound quote above sums it very nicely. Little else needs to be said. Please give us your maximum order and we will allocate as best we can.

To order, reply to this email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare
Crush Wine & Spirits