Red Burgundy 50% Off Steal: Jadot Santenay (What're you drinking this weekend?)

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Jadot Red Burgundy Steal
2004 Jadot Santenay "Clos de Malte"
Juicy, honest red Burgundy at 50% off!

Mouth-watering, old-school red Burgundy to serve up with just about anything this holiday weekend.

How about a juicy little Pinot Noir number for this upcoming holiday weekend, all dialed up, in-stock and ready to go for as low as $15? (That'd be 50% off the lowest price in the nation.)

This is not a rich, velvety, mouth-coating Pinot Noir jazzed up to 15 or 16 degrees alcohol with all the subtletyof a steam roller. No, instead, today we return to one of our favorite places in the world (Burgundy's Côte d'Or) with a charming Pinot Noir that's rustic and punchy with a great show of energy on the palate and a spectrum of flavors that includes berry fruits, dried herbs, soil tones and minerals.

The Burghound says the flavors here have "authority" (see full review below), and while we like that turn of phrase somehow it feels less joyous than the wine itself comes across. Yes, Santenay Rouge can have a sort of gushing immediacy - these wines do come, after all, from the town just south of Chassagne-Montrachet, they share a similar "solid" quality - but Santenay rarely feels strict or serious. Good Santenay is more like an old friend slapping you hello on the back. Sure, maybe it's a bit blunt, but it's always good spirited and welcome.

Jadot's 2004 Santenay "Clos de Malte" is a simple pleasure. It's a bottle of wine that does not require tremendous reflection, but given its proper space (like a dinner table loaded down with late-summer tomatoes, squash, corn, chicken, etc) it is very likely to inspire one of those dining experiences that is raucous, jovial and lip-smacking - one of those evenings that runs way into the night and very likely into the early morning and when it's all said and done, even if no one remembers the exact bottle that was drunk, our guess is that there will be none left over and many satisfied customers.

Seriously, this is an *awesome* food wine and highly recommended for the weekend or anytime this fall / winter.

If Jadot isn't a Burgundy house we hang our hats on, we're also not ones to ignore a fantastic deal (for our own drinking sakes as well as yours) and one can't deny that Jadot's winemaker, Jacques Lardière, has done a phenomenal job at this big house, keeping the quality just about as high as the production. And one of the pleasures of a bigger house, albeit a slightly geeky pleasure, is the land they tend to gather up on the peripheries. From here come the real values, the wines to drink up in good health and good spirits. These less famous zones - like this Santenay, tucked way low on the Côte d'Or - offer plenty of solid Burgundy without much of the hype and at pennies on the dollar.

Today's wine is a solid value at $30; for better or worse one can rarely expect to pay much less for good red Burgundy. This, however, is one of those situations where you can expect *exactly* that. This is a red Burgundy steal if we've ever had one and as with all good things, this is a "one time" parcel that we will receive today, and that in all probability will disappear today. To order, email us at or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Wine is available for *immediate* pick up or delivery in time for holiday weekend!

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Director of Fine & Rare Wine
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2004 Jadot Santenay "Clos de Malte"Burghound: "Hints of crushed leaves, earth and dark berry fruit combine with moderately rich, rustic and frank flavors that are very Santenay in character culminating in a solidly complex and ever-so-slightly edgy finish. This is not particularly elegant but there is plenty of flavor authority here."

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