Red Earth, Untamed Brilliance:
2016 Zidarich Teran

Posted by Joe Salamone

Benjamin Zidarich is the undisputed master of the Teran grape.

In his hands, the obscure, complicated, and somewhat unruly grape reaches a level that's without peer. There's nothing quite like Teran, and Zidarch elevates the seriously noteworthy grape.

Teran is known for its contradictory nature. It's intense, but its alcohol levels rarely reach 12 percent. It has a serious cut and high tannins. It can be wild yet the top examples show a striking finesse. 

In short, the grape is a roller coaster ride. For the few who get it right, it makes for a thrilling wine. Zidarich's work with Teran is simply brilliant. The 2016 Teran shows his magical touch with the grape. 

Zidarich's 2016 Teran has an incredible balance. It weaves together incredible complexity, energy, and tannic might into a cohesive and delicious whole. The combination of razor cut, fiercely pointed intensity, and walk-on-tiptoe feel is jaw-dropping. It offers up many faces of minerality - saline, earth, and more importantly, iron. There's also floral notes, dark fruits,  herbs, and woodland spice (especially juniper berries). 

Teran demands a very specific terroir, the red-stained, iron-rich limestone found in Friuli's Carso region and neighboring areas in Slovenia and Croatia. Zidarich's Carso has the rockiest and poorest soils and produces the most mineral and intense wines. The methods that Zidarich follows (very low yields, using large Slavonian botti) brings even more intensity out in the wines. 

This is a wine that's very difficult to do justice to. It's so singular and extreme that it needs to be experienced. The Teran is a wine that really excels at the table. We encourage you to take advantage of the special 4-pack pricing. The bottle offers so much fascination, food pairing, and midterm aging potential that you'll want to have it around in quantity. 

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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