Riesling at 1,500 Feet - Historic Vintage: 2013 Prager Riesling Wachstum Bodenstein Smaragd

Posted by Joe Salamone

Riesling at 1,500 Feet - Historic Vintage
2013 Prager Riesling
Wachstum Bodenstein Smaragd

Wachstum Bodenstein is one of our favorite Rieslings in all of Austria.

It's one of the most elegant and mineral wines of Austria. Regardless of vintage, the clarity, the snap and the aristocratic feel makes it stand out.

In a vintage like 2013, Wachstum Bodenstein simply blows us away.

At this point, there's little doubt that 2013 is the best vintage in Austria in over a decade. Most winemakers reach back to the 90s for comparisons. When I taste the 2013s, it's impossible not to think that this is exactly the vintage I've been waiting for. The vintage has so much balance, purity and cool, mineral-driven persistence.

Prager's Bodenstein stands as one of the most compelling examples of the vintage. It delivers a gorgeous precision and ultra-fine and long mineral cut finish.

Riesling Wachstum Bodenstein highlights how thoughtful, experimental and provocative Prager's Toni Bodenstein is. Planted in 1990 in a high-altitude section of the Hinterseiber vineyard (literally bordering the forest at the top of the mountain), this site is perched at an altitude of about 1,500 feet (between 440-460 meters). Many people doubted that the vineyard would be able to fully ripen Riesling. The years have proven that Bodenstein made a very wise choice.

Prager is one of our favorite producers in all of Austria and Bodenstein is our favorite of his Rieslings. We'll definitely be going deep on this bottling in 2013 and it's hard not to advise you to do the same.

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Joe Salamone
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