Riesling Holy Ground - 2009 Nikolaihof Steiner Hund

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Riesling Holy Ground
2009 Nikolaihof Steiner Hund Reserve

Terry Theise says: "The tiny [Steiner Hund] site is doubtless one of the 5-10 greatest bits of land on which Riesling grows."

When you talk to Austrian fanatics about the best vineyards, you hear the same thing: Kellerberg, Singerriedel, Steinertal and Steiner Hund.

This is to say that Nikolaihof's Steiner Hund is one of the most impressive and mysterious dry Rieslings in Austria and elsewhere.

Steiner Hund

This is a beloved, cherished bottle of wine for us. A bottle of 2004 opened last year was absolutely beautiful.

Today, we offer the most recent edition of Nikolaihof's Steiner Hund, the 09 for $66.95 per bottle.

The Steiner Hund site is a small piece of land that's holy ground for Riesling. The "catch," however, is that this plot of land lies just outside the official boundaries of the Wachau, and as such it cannot have a "Smaragd" designation - so it goes under the cover of "Reserve," meaning simply that it is a wine harvested later and in this specific case, aged for an extended period of time in older, neutral barrels.

Getting your finger on the pulse of Nikolaihof's Steiner Hund is no easy task. There's always a dimension of complexity, of haunting, mysterious minerality that's impossible to firmly grasp. If the wine has a clear signature, it's a rich and often creamy texture with notes that suggest minerals, flowers and earth simultaneously.

The 2009 version is slightly rounder and spicier than vintages like 2004 and 2008. In 09, Steiner Hund shows floral, mineral steeped stone fruits with notes of pulverized baking spices. Everything is delivered with a beautiful energy and sleek transparency.

Steiner Hund is one of the greatest and singular expressions of Riesling on the planet. This is a wine that we really love.

Our experience with riper vintages of Nikolaihof is that they transform with age, building a deep minerality and mindboggling complexity. The way their wines maintain acid backbones and minerality is amazing. We recommend you grab a few bottles to watch unfold for the next decade and likely longer.

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