Roederer Brut Premier: Cristal-Clear Quality, Under $35

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"A Cristal-like Champagne
with Outstanding Finesse."

Roederer Brut Premier Champagne
Half Bottles, Fifths, Magnums: Priced for Making Merry!

The above words from Champagne guru Richard Juhlin aren't hyperbolic. This is widely acknowledged as one of the best non-vintage Champagnes - and at an incredible value for bubbly from the prestigious Roederer house (yes, the Roederer of Cristal fame).

Amidst the whirlwind of our holiday season, we interrupt our wrapping and bow-tying frenzy for a quick email spreading joy and good cheer. And what’s more celebratory than Champagne?

Today we present our favoriteunder-$40 Champagne of this season, the Roederer Brut Premier, in sizes to fit every holiday stocking: half bottles, fifths and magnums, all priced for serious merry-making... 750mls are at $34.95 a bottle.

And for the real revelers or those with a few holes to fill in the cellar, we’ve further discounted special packs of each size format.

"Few houses produce champagnes as consistently high in quality and stylish in character as Louis Roederer," asserts Peter Liem of The Champagne Guide, and I have to agree. Yes, Roederer’s vintage Cristal is absolutely covet-worthy, but the house’s fantastic Brut Premier packs a strikingly similar finesse to that prestige cuvée, along with plenty of the house’s signature freshness, elegance and power - a profile that belies its very affordable price.

I strongly urge you: If you haven’t tried the Roederer Brut Premier, buy a bottle of this for yourself or a case to share with your friends. It will undoubtedly impress. When I was in Paris, this was the bottle of "house" Champagne being poured at every bistro in the city, and when I was poured a glass, I was amazed at the complexity.

If you have had the Brut Premier, then you already know how impressive this Champagne is, how silly the quality is for the price, full of crisp, fresh orchard fruits held in tension with richer notes of dark minerals and a finishing wrap of round creaminess that bears witness to the house’s significant use of barrel-aged reserve wines in the final blend.

It’s also worth noting that the Brut Premier is a rather rare case of an affordable, non-vintage Champagne perfectly worthy of cellaring. The wine takes on a luxurious texture in the mouth with a few years’ time, all those crisp fruits shifting their role into a structural baseline of supporting acidity while the deeper flavors move into more cream and caramel territory - a full, harmonious chorus with a very long finish.

Champagne under $40 is one of our most popular requests this time of year, and it's a tough category - Champagne is a difficult region to work in, and the traditional method is labor-intensive, so the best bottles can get pricey. I'm very glad to have this as our go-to bottle this season (though I advise stocking up for future seasons, too).

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Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
Crush Wine & Spirits

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