Sancerre Grand Cru:
2022 Gérard Boulay Sancerre La Côte

Posted by Ian McFadden

Gérard Boulay's Sancerres are some of my favorite expressions of the appellation.

Our of Boulay's lineup, La Côte is undoubtedly the grandest and can be the most intricately structured. 

Among the vineyards of Sancerre, La Grande Côte is king. I was excited in 2010 when Boulay debuted La Côte, which is from a choice parcel in Grande Côte. It immediately became one of the most impressive wines in Sancerre.

photo of bottles of Boulay Sancerre La Cote

The Boulay family has held land in Sancerre for over 600 years. Along with Vatan and the Cotat cousins, Boulay produces some of the most elegant, complex, and long-lived Sancerres.

Where Vatan and the Cotats are dense and layered Sancerres that demand bottle age, Boulay stands out for its drinkability, poise, and finessed precision. We've tasted Boulay's wines several decades old, and a very impressive 1959. As dazzling as Boulay can be young, it stands the test of time in an impressive way.

La Grande Côte is in Chavignol, which is Sancerre's best area and one defined by its soil. Chavignol shares the same Kimmeridgian soil as the Chablis' top sites. Sancerres from Chavignol possess an emphatic chalky minerality and kinetic energy.

The La Côte is the deepest and has the sturdiest architecture of Boulay's wines. It possesses a powerful and persistent minerality that's simultaneously stony and salty. There's explosive notes of herbs, citrus, and flowers. The 2022 is noteworthy for its tactile grip, finesse, and shimmering clarity.

Boulay is a really personal wine for me. Every vintage I stash a pile in my cellar. The 2022 is a beautifully luminous and poised vintage. It's delightful to drink now and has the balance and stuffing to age well. 

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare
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2022 Boulay, Gerard Sancerre La Cote

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