Sancerre Sans the Scary Price2004 Mellot Sancerre "Les Romains"

Posted by CrushWine

Today's offer is in response to a number of requests we received for a similar summer steal whose style is more on the "serious side." Enter 2004 Sancerre 'Les Romains' from Alphonse Mellot, by far the best Sauvignon Blanc I've tasted this summer.

Mellot achieved absolute greatness in 2004, and due to the vagaries of the New York wholesale wine market, I am happy to offer this incredible bottling at 20-30% off its shelf price elsewhere, at a rate that is in-line with Sancerre prices of years past!

The 'Les Romains' is dense with stone fruits, citrus, and a lovely equilibrium between richness and minerality that is almost textured in nature. A firm and crisp acidity adds a mouth-watering snap and provides a clean, glacial freshness that washes over the palate.

This is a serious wine and such a beautiful expression of the vintage. We recently tasted Mellot's 2005s and though they are impressive in their "05 power", there is a riveting liveliness, purity and elegance that is individual to the 2004.

However, the thing that strikes me most about the wine is its incredible balance and immediate drinkability.

While the winery is relatively unknown in the USA I suppose it shouldn't be too surprising that European wine writers often compare les vins de Mellot to those of Crush Favorite and Loire Legend Didier Dagueneau, as well as star artisanal winemakers Deschamps, Crochet, Huet, Clos Rougeard, and Joly.

Like the estates above, the Mellot family has a deep tradition of winemaking (since 1513!) and uses the same techniques in the vineyard (extremely low yields, organic/bio farming, hand harvesting, etc.) that help produce wines of awe-inspiring concentration.

Given the unprecedented QPR (Quality/Price Ratio) I debated using the 'Back Up the Truck' moniker for this email, however, there is simply not enough wine to fulfill the number of requests we would receive.

Secure your bottles for fancy dinner parties, Tuesday night hedonism, or 80-degree-under-a-tree summer drinking by replying to this email or calling (212) 980-9463 as soon as possible.

Domaine Alphonse Mellot
2004 Sancerre "Les Romains" 750 mL