Sancerrely Yours... Great Chavignol

Posted by CrushWine

Sancerre is the most elegant expression of Sauvignon Blanc, and its recent surge in prices reflect its growing popularity. That's why we're thrilled to offer you not just a Sancerre, but one from Chavignol.

Yves Martin Sancerre has all the classic aspects of great Chavignol: a creamy, rich texture, wonderfully pure citrus fruit, stony minerality and uncommon depth.

Those of you who found Sancerre from the 2003 vintage to be too soft and overripe will be relieved � other vintages offer profound complexity and a "stalactite" personality; simply put, this wine�s got some serious, mouthwatering acidity that pairs beautifully with a range of foods.

While it�s incredibly tempting to drink the wine right away, we strongly encourage you to squirrel away a few bottles. In 5 to 8 years, this Sancerre will go through a remarkable transformation.

Where In The World?

There's Sancerre - but then there's Chavignol.

Sancerre is the world-famous appellation in the Loire Valley of France that is home to racy, minerally Sauvignon Blancs. Chavignol, a small village within Sancerre, produces the finest wine of the whole appellation with the greatest expression of terroir.

Chavignol soil is composed of Kimmeridgian Marl - the same as in Chablis Grand Cru Vineyards and certain parts of Champagne. This soil is what drives the mineral quality of the wine; but, more importantly, it drives the wine's ability to age.

Chavignols are typically expensive, ranging between $35-$60 a bottle, so we were delighted to find a gem like Yves Martin Sancerre at such a low price.