Schloss Lieser: The Upper Pradikats - RARE 2010

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Electric, High-Wire Rieslings
2010 Schloss Lieser Spätlese - Auslese GK
100,000 Volts from the Mosel

"...a few bottlings will not be for the faint of heart."

Naturally, those are the ones we're focusing on today.

The above quote is from John Gilman's View from the Cellar and it alludes to the most thrilling aspect of this vintage: tension.

The Schloss Lieser 2010ers are simply nuclear - they pull the palate into all sorts of contortions with a dazzling interplay of outrageous ripeness matched to shocking acidity.

Today we focus on the two Spätlesen and one very, very rare Auslese Gold Kapsul (in both full- and half-bottle). These wines are on offer today for a song and will provide thrilling Riesling experiences for the next several decades, if you have the patience.

The style at Schloss Lieser is always about clarity and cut - few Mosel producers make a more angular set of Rieslings. Few are as forceful. To my palate, few are as thrilling.

In 2010, no one captured the energy of this vintage with more clarity and precision. Gilman, who penned the warning above, also wrote the following in his Schloss Lieser review: "...clearly some of the most brilliant examples on the Mosel in this vintage."

We have so little of this wine so the offer today goes out only to those of you who have supported our Riesling program. A final Gilman quote for you all, for inspiration! "The 2010ers from Schloss Lieser are going to be hard to find and will require studious research of the market to locate. But, they will be very much worth the effort, so get started now!"

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Stephen Bitterolf
Wine Director
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2010 Schloss Lieser

Niederberg Helden Spätlese EL

John Gilman, View from the Cellar: "The Helden vineyard in certain vintages can have a tendency towards opulence, rather than raciness, but in the 2010 vintage, this is emphatically not the case. This is a beautiful and almost Saar-like rendition of Helden Spätlese this year, as it soars from the glass in a superb and refined blend of lime, apple, orange, wild yeasts and petrol. On the palate the wine is deep, fullbodied and very vibrant, with excellent mid-palate depth, crisp, well-buffered acids and outstanding length and grip on the nascently complex and electric finish. A superb wine."

Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Spätlese EL

John Gilman, View from the Cellar: "Schloss Lieser’s 2010 Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr Spätlese is also exceptional, but this may be the first vintage where I have to give a slight, slight nod to the Helden at this Prädikat level. The bouquet is deep, nascently complex and absolutely classic, as it soars from the glass in a blaze of lime, pear, apple, plenty of wild yeasts, complex slate tones, petrol and lime blossoms in the upper register. On the palate the wine is fullish, complex and racy, with a fine core of fruit, bright acidity and superb length and grip on the dancing finish. Another really beautiful bottle in the making."

Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Auslese GK

John Gilman, View from the Cellar: "The 2010 Helden Goldkapsel is a beautiful and really impressively filigreed example of the vintage. The deep, complex and utterly refined nose offers up scents of yellow plum, apple, candied violets, a touch of petrol, gentle notes of wild yeast, complex soil tones and an esthery topnote of bee pollen. On the palate the wine is deep, full-bodied and gossamer-strung, with a lovely core, ripe acidity and superb length and grip on the very, very complex and focused finish. I love the very refined glazing of botrytis here, which adds dimension without ever becoming too exotic or honeyed. A beautiful wine."