Selosse Initial NV: Champagne Icon(oclast)

Posted by Ian McFadden

Champagne Icon(oclast)
Selosse Cuvée Initial NV

"No champagne grower is as renowned or as influential as Anselme Selosse." -Peter Liem

The cult producer of all cult producers, innovator of all innovators, there is just no one like Selosse. In his wake stands an entire generation of disciples inspired by his unconventional methods, and a captivated audience clamoring for as much as they can get of his singular Champagnes.

Rich and gregarious, but still magically elegant and finessed, Selosse Champagne flaunts its inimitable personality. There is purity, there is lushness, but ultimately, and most profoundly, there is balance. His is Champagne of seemingly implausible harmony.

These wines are also some of the most sought after wines of Champagne - a truth that becomes painfully apparent when you realize these allocations must be talked about in terms of single bottles, not cases. The sizable parcel we've gotten our hands on is reason enough to emerge from Thanksgiving food comas to pay tribute to the brilliance of Selosse.

The Initial is a gorgeous expression of the Selosse style: textured, exuberant, endlessly complex. It is sourced from the three Grand Cru vineyards of Cramant, Oger and Avize. The resulting wine is brimming with layers of toasted almonds, honey, and smoky, saline minerality; it is resoundingly unapologetic in its richness and depth.

The Initial is certainly approachable now, but if the wine is taut, energetic, and impressive early on, it will absolutely soar with a few years in the cellar. Selosse can age wonderfully for a decade or more, as its complexity unfolds and the wine transforms into its explosive and aromatic mature self.

Always one of the best values in the no-miss Selosse line up, the Initial is a perfect introduction to the cult icon (iconoclast?). For those already familiar with the greatness of Selosse, you'll need no more convincing. Either way, this email represents a way to celebrate the year's number one shopping day that is decidedly preferable to standing on line for hours in the cold.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine and Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits