Selosse Rarity: Selosse Le Bout du Clos NV

Posted by Ian McFadden

Selosse Rarity
Selosse Ambonnay Le Bout du Clos NV

If all of the cult Champagnes of visionary producer Anselme Selosse are hard to find, his single-vineyard offerings are practically non-existent.

Selosse is revered for his singular winemaking. The wines can be simply mind-blowing.

His lieux-dits are nothing short of magical. They take the ridiculous resonance, the breadth of complexity and the finesse that are Selosse's calling cards to the extreme. They are incredible, unforgettable and absolutely compelling expressions of Champagne. They are also ridiculously rare - there are just a few listings for Le Bout du Clos in the country.

Today we focus on Le Bout du Clos from Ambonnay. The grandeur of terroir is front and center. It's a wine of tremendous refinement, class and length managing at once an ethereal grace and a searing, concentrated focus.

Ambonnay is one of the most exulted Grand Crus of Champagne. Selosse's Le Bout du Clos exploits all the potential of Ambonnay and delivers something that's absolutely thrilling. Le Bout du Clos offers up a saturating chalky mineral intensity combined with a ridiculous precision and energy matched with ultra-clear red fruits. The wine is mainly composed of Pinot Noir with a very small amount of Chardonnay.

Every time I taste Le Bout du Clos it's a jaw dropping experience. It's so multi-dimensional, so exactingly rendered and unlike anything else.

Getting my hands on any of Selosse's lieux-dits in quantity is really challenging. This is a small parcel and we've limited the list to a very small group of people. Still, I expect to spend this evening allocating bottles.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits