Selosse Substance and Rose

Posted by Ian McFadden

Selosse Substance & Rosé

On this quiet summer day, I'd like to present two of the most devastatingly impressive Champagnes around.

Selosse is well known for producing absolutely individual expressions of Champagne. For me, these two are the most extreme of the range - and some of the most compelling.

Substance is a mind-bending bottle. It's profoundly deep, boasting an epic complexity. Burgundian is a descriptor that appears again and again for Substance. Indeed, the saturating minerality, the palate presence and supreme regal nature of Substance do recall great White Burgundy. However, the comparison exhausts itself quickly in the face of Substance's outrageous singularity.

It's a Blanc de Blancs sourced from two prime vineyards in Avize, Les Chantereines and Les Marvillannes, and is aged in a solera that was founded in 1986. The intention of Substance is to be a pure reflection of terroir, transcending individual vintages.

Selosse's Rosé is a magical bottle. There's a piercing core of minerality that's seamlessly wrapped around an explosive, richly layered complexity. As extroverted as Selosse's Rosé can present itself, there's also a seemingly bottomless complexity with an impossible amount of subtle nuances.

I'm going to keep this short. Selosse's reputation really speaks for itself. I'll just close with two final things: These are some of the most captivating and meditative wines in existence. Also, they are really rare - allocations are often doled out in 3-6 bottle quantities. I'm very happy to offer these to a small group of people. Please give us your ideal order and we'll do our best.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits