Selosse Substance: "No Champagne grower is as renowned or as influential" - Peter Liem

Posted by Ian McFadden

"No Champagne grower is as renowned or as influential" - Peter Liem
Selosse Substance NV

Selosse's Substance is simply epic. No matter how abused the word may be, it's the only appropriate one to use here.

Selosse's Substance is one of the most multidimensional, mind-bendingly complex wines that you will ever experience.

When you taste Selosse's Substance for the first time, it forever imprints itself on your memory. This goes a long way towards explaining why Substance is Selosse's most famous wine.

I'm going to keep this brief. Everytime we offer Selosse, it sells out quickly and Substance is one of the most sought after of Selosse's wines.

Substance is a Blanc de Blancs sourced from two prime vineyards in Avize, Les Chantereines and Les Marvillannes, and is aged in a solera that was founded in 1986. The intention of Substance is to be a pure reflection of terroir transcending individual vintages.

Burgundian is a descriptor that appears again and again for Substance. Indeed, its saturating minerality, the palate presence and supreme regal nature of Substance do recall great White Burgundy. However, the comparison exhausts itself quickly in the face of Substance's outrageous singularity. It's one of the most unique and compelling wines anywhere.

Substance offers a bottomless, constantly evolving complexity. There seems to be nuance piled upon nuance. Every component, whether it's minerality, spice, florality or fruit, seems to go through an endless number of iterations.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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