Shimmering Beauty
2015 Stagård Rieslings:
Gillenparz, Braunsdorfer & Schrek

Posted by Joe Salamone

"The emergence of Dominique and Urban Stagård is among the most exciting and innovative recent developments in Austrian wine." -David Schildknecht

Stagård's Rieslings are simply captivating. They are crystal clear and painstakingly precise. They also have textural depth and a calm, haunting complexity.

It's amazing how the wines can highlight texture and presence along with precision and tension. And they do it in a way that feels effortless.

These are some of the most exciting Austrian wines we've come across.

We offered the 2013s a couple years ago and today we turn to their gorgeous 2015s. Stagård's 2015s have all the shimmering purity, crystal clear layers of fruit and detailed mineral cores that make the vintage so impressive.

We're happy to offer three of our favorites from Stagård's brilliant 2015 line-up: their Gillenparz, Braunsdorfer and Schrek bottlings. We've created special 6-pack pricing to encourage you to explore all three vineyards.

Urban Stagård believes that the incredibly steep, terraced Gillenparz may very well be his best site. The 2015 really flaunts how beautifully the wines integrate ample texture, pristine fruit and painstaking precision. Few wines manage to pull off such a sense of multidimensional completeness.

Braunsdorfer is the coolest of Stagård's sites. Here you have texture with incisive punch. In Braunsdorfer, stone fruits mingle with stony minerality and savory elements.

Finally, there's Stagård's steepest vineyard, Schreck. This is the most powerful and compact of the three wines. There's a mysterious backdrop of forest floor and smoke. The wine has a fascinating gripping palate presence and structure.

Urban Stagård returned to his family's domaine in 2006 with his wife Dominique. His family had impressive sites, but they immediately set out to augment their vineyards with rentals of top sites in Krems and into the Wachau. The Stagårds are fascinated with Riesling and German ones in particular. This fascination makes itself felt in the sleek, finesse of their Rieslings.

I'm really happy to offer this gorgeous cast of wines, but before wrapping up I should highlight how limited they are. Currently, there are no other listings for the wines in the U.S. Our quantities are modest. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

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2015 Stagård Rieslings