"Simply on another planet" - Miani:
From Friulano to Refosco

Posted by Joe Salamone

The wines of Miani are some of Italy's most sought-after cult wines. Tasting them is an unforgettable experience.

Miani makes dramatic, flamboyantly rich, ruthlessly driven, and powerful wines. But somehow, they carry all their muscle and velvet with elegance.

This helps give you a sense of what Galloni means when he writes, "Enzo Pontoni is simply on another planet... In the best years his wines frankly have no peers in Italy."

Today, we're happy to offer a very extensive range of Miani wines. It's been four years since our last Miani offering. It's taken a lot of effort to get this offer together, and the quantities available are still very modest.

The secret to Miani's success is simple: great terroir combined with intense drive in the vineyard and winery. Pontoni is known for selecting only the best fruit to be brought back to the winery, and, once there, he's equally ruthless with his barrel-by-barrel selection for what will be bottled and what will be sold.

There are plenty of rarities and some wines that are new to the lineup since our last offering. The Refosco Cossut was first released in 2015. It's a single vineyard close to Baracca, a site where Miani makes a fascinatingly intricate Chardonnay. The wine shows Miani's incredible work with Refosco, a grape that can be somewhat unruly and tannic, but in Miani's hands, assumes jaw-dropping classiness. In its debut vintage, the 2017 Malvasia La Mont di Zuc shows an incredible architecture and amazing density.

Please give us your ideal order, and we'll try our best. Keep in mind that whenever we offer Miani it sells out quickly - we'll likely have to allocate.

To order, email offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone

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Description Size Status/Qty Price
2018 Miani Chardonnay 750 ml Pre-arrival $97.95
2018 Miani Chardonnay Baracca 750 ml Pre-arrival:6 $109.95
2015 Miani Chardonnay Palis 750 ml In Stock:5 $97.95
2017 Miani Friulano Buri 750 ml In Stock:6 $114.95
2016 Miani Malvasia 750 ml In Stock $89.95
2017 Miani Malvasia La Mont di Zuc 750 ml Pre-arrival:6 $114.95
2016 Miani Merlot 750 ml Pre-arrival $199.95
2016 Miani Refosco 750 ml Pre-arrival $114.95
2016 Miani Refosco Cossut 750 ml Pre-arrival:6 $239.95
2016 Miani Rosso 750 ml Pre-arrival $99.95
2018 Miani Sauvignon Blanc 750 ml Pre-arrival $99.95
2018 Miani Sauvignon Blanc Zitelle 750 ml Pre-arrival:6 $109.95
2018 Miani Tocai Friulano 750 ml Pre-arrival $96.95