Simply put, Brovia is on fire - 2008 Brovia Barolo Garblet Sue & Rocche

Posted by Ian McFadden

"Simply put, Brovia is on fire"
-Antonio Galloni
2008 Brovia Barolo Rocche
& Garblèt Sue

"This is a textbook vintage for Brovia. Readers who enjoy traditionally made Baroli will not want to miss these fabulous wines." -Antonio Galloni

For me, Brovia is one of the wine world's great mysteries.

They have some of the best sites in Barolo, they are making some of greatest wines in Barolo and yet, their Barolos remain overlooked and underappreciated in this country.

For first-class Barolo, Italy's most noble wine, this is really impressive value.

The value here is indeed impressive, but that's not the real story. What needs to be said is that Brovia is making some of the finest traditional Barolos around. They show plenty of power and intensity, but what's really striking is the finesse they manage amidst all the brawn.

The style here thrives on subtle and nuanced depths. They lead with red fruits, but the backdrop is a kaleidoscopic mix of earth, herb and flower.

And, to return to the Galloni quote above, Brovia has been "on fire" lately. In recent vintages, they have just ratcheted up the "wow" factor again and again. Each site seems to grow more assuredly, more complexly itself. In general, all of their Barolos shows more concentration and at the same time more breeding and detail. There's much to be excited about with Brovia these days.

If you haven't checked out Brovia in the past, then 2008 is an ideal vintage. 2008 is likely the first vintage that approaches the clarity of terroir and elegance of the 2001 vintage. Galloni captures all this wonderfully when he writes: "The 2008s are highly transparent to site... this is a super-classic vintage that will thrill readers who like vibrant, refined Baroli."

Brovia simply milked the vintage for all its worth. These are the most finely rendered and soil inflected Barolo that we've seen from them.

As can be imagined, both Garblèt Sue and Rocche speak their site's uniqueness with shocking articulateness. They represent the high points of Brovia's very strong 2008 collection. Both come from the commune of Castiglione Falleto, but they're completely different. Garblèt Sue struts the combination of power and impressively nervy core that makes this such an exciting, high-wire act wine. Rocche, one of Barolo's greatest sites, delivers a delicate and silky grace.

Both Brovia's 2008 Garblèt Sue and Rocche will age very, very well for the next twenty plus years. The mysterious and subtle depth of complexity that they show today will flower into a startling multifaceted elegance and haunting complexity.

It's worth going deep on both. Brovia is currently making some of the greatest classical Barolos around. The fact that they are so gently priced only sweetens the deal.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits