Single Barrel La Bota - Manzanilla Pasada "Bota NO" #83

Posted by Joe Salamone

Equipo Navazos' Manzanilla Pasadas are some of the most profound wines you'll ever encounter.

A few weeks ago, we offered their Manzanilla Pasada Bota Punta #80. Today, we focus on the "Bota NO" #83.

Both bottlings take a profound solera and focus on superlative barrels within the solera. In the case of the #83, a mere 900 500ml bottles were produced.

Jesús Barquin, sherry scholar and one of La Bota's founders, was in the store a few years ago and said this about the solera that it originates from: "This is very special. I don't know of anything else like it in sherry country." I once tasted through nearly all of the 15 barrels that make up the solera and it was one of the most amazing tastings I've ever taken part in.

What's amazing is that the solera had never been commercialized until La Bota unearthed it. For decades, the "Capataz" (the bodega foreman) kept it going by drawing small amounts of wine and refreshing it to keep the flor (yeasts) alive. He couldn't let Manzanilla of such incredible quality go.

Manzanilla Pasadas exist in a liminal stage between energetic Manzanillas and deeper and darker Amontillados. What results is a thrilling saline cut with a mesmerizing depth of complexity. Just to put some numbers to all of this, whereas most Manzanillas are between three to four years old, these boast an average age of around 15 years.

The "Bota NO" #83 focuses on a single barrel that stands out for its extraordinary kinetic energy, finesse and complexity. The "NO" designation indicates that it shouldn't be treated like the other barrels due to its special qualities. This barrel is drawn from and replenished differently and this develops further complexity.

The #83 has a stunningly individual personality. There's a blazing chalky core with soaring regal complexity. The explosiveness and nuance is mindboggling. It's a bottle that you have to taste to even begin to wrap your mind around.

This is easily one of the most exciting wines that I've tasted this year. I've tasted every release from this solera and have tracked many of the releases over the years. They have aged beautifully, gaining more and more savory depth. It's very much advised picking up a 3-pack.

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Joe Salamone

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