Single Tree - Grand Cru Cider:
2019 Lesuffleur Cidre Friardel Poire

Posted by Ian McFadden

There are many ciders that we love for their rustic charm, but Lesuffleur works on an entirely different level.

Simply put, Lesuffleur produces impeccable ciders of the highest order.

photo of bottle of Lesuffleur Cidre Friardel Poire

The Friardel Poire takes Lesuffleur's ciders to an incredibly high level. It caused me to reassess what I thought was possible from cider - Friardel Poire has the textural elegance of serious champagne.

Friardel Poire comes from a single centuries-old pear tree. There's something utterly magical about this bottling. The Friardel Poire has a gripping intensity that's beautifully lifted and incredibly complicated. It's unlike anything I've tasted. 

Benoit Lesuffleur's family has made ciders in Normandy for generations. In addition to cider, Benoit Lesuffleur represents many of Burgundy's and Champagne's top producers as a wine agent in Paris.

The Friardel Poire creates its own category. It's almost unthinkable for a cider to reach a world-class level, but the Friardel Poire achieves such a status. This is something that's very much worth trying a bottle of. 

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare
Crush Wine & Spirits

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2019 Domaine Lesuffleur Cidre Friardel Poire

750 ml