Solaris 2006 Chardonnay

Posted by CrushWine

Let's propose a wine truism: Most bottles that cost under $10, taste like bottles that cost under $5. Sure, you're not spending much, but you actually get less than what you're paying for.

It's the rare inversion of this truism that makes our offer a "Back Up the Truck" free-for-all!

This is the "holy grail" of budget wine drinking, the honest and delicious under-$100 case that eases the pressures of the week without damaging the pressures of the wallet.

We don't put our name on many bottles that clock in under $10. (The last time we did this in fact was over a year and a half ago!) We're not snobs, but we rarely find anything at this price that's interesting. While so many bottles in this value category taste like some demonic fruit cocktail/battery acid combo, what the 2006 Solaris Chardonnay pulls off effortlessly, is a simple honesty and drinkability.

The Chardonnay is rich in style though the key here is *balance.* Moderation has resulted in a crowd-pleasing Chardonnay, where the darker notes are buoyed by a very lively and fresh citrus acidity, giving the wine that texture-matched-to-crispness that has made Chardonnay the world power it currently is. This is a surprisingly forceful bottle of Chardonnay with good concentration and length and an outright theft at this price!

This pricing represents a crazy deal: The Solaris Chardonnay currently retails for as much as $13 per bottle. The times, however, are rife with deals and while today's magic has been in "negotiations" for a few weeks, we are just now taking delivery on our stash. By scoring the entire parcel at well below cost, we're able pass on some rather serious savings.

As long as you buy a case or more, we're happy to price each bottle at $6.

In many cases, the challenge with discounts like this is that because the case prices fall so far below the minimums for free delivery, we have to tack on a nominal fee for delivery. This time, however, we'll go ahead and provide free delivery for all Manhattan addresses for all case purchases! This offer is *only* valid with the Solaris wines.

But please note, the quantities here are not endless - place your bets early! Order now by calling the store at (212) 980-9463 to order.