Some of the most compelling whites - 2010 Borgo del Tiglio Friulano

Posted by Ian McFadden

Friuli Delivers!
2010 Borgo del Tiglio Friulano
Depth, Clarity and Poise from Northern Italy

"Make no mistake about it, these are some of the most compelling whites being made anywhere in Italy."
-Antonio Galloni

When it comes to making world-class white wine in Italy, Friuli is THE PLACE.

Tasting Borgo del Tiglio's line-up it seems clear that they are capitalizing on Friuli's potential in a way that no one besides Miani is. To echo Galloni, these are some of the most compelling Italian whites we've tasted.

In short, I was blown away tasting the Borgo del Tiglio wines. I was always told that Friuli was capable of producing great white wines, but this was the first time I witnessed it so emphatically.

There's no way around it, I'm obsessed with Burgundy. If I'm drinking white wine, chances are it's white Burgundy or Riesling. I carry those expectations with me. I look for that level of depth, cut and detail, which is exactly what Borgo del Tiglio delivers.

Borgo del Tiglio's 2010 Friulano delivers layer upon layer of rocky, chalk inflected minerality and stone fruits. All of this is delivered with a tremendous amount of coiled energy, poise and saturating complexity.

The best 2010s from Friuli show a wonderful clarity of mineral and razor sharp edge. Borgo del Tiglio takes this and adds a concentration and breadth of flavors that's really impressive. The flavor spectrum of Borgo del Tiglio takes you through a flowering meadow dotted with herbs, stone fruits and wet rocks.

The crackling crisp quality of Borgo del Tilglio's 2010 Friulano makes it a great thing to have around for the warm days ahead, but holding on to a couple of bottles to cellar will be worth the effort. While Borgo del Tiglio is not widely known in the States, they are hugely respected in Italy and the wines have a really impressive reputation for aging.

I'm excited to offer these. Borgo del Tilglio's 2010 Friulano enlarges the discussion of what Friuli can bring to the table in terms of fine-ness, complexity and ageability. Which is to say, they are very impressive, eye-opening wines.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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2010 Borgo del Tiglio Friulano

2010 Borgo del Tiglio Friulano arrives this week.
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