Spring Mixed Case

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Spring Mixed Case
A Fresh Mix of our Favorites for Spring
BIG SAVINGS: Every Bottle Discounted 20%!

Finally, it seems safe to bring your winter coat to the cleaner. It's easier to wake up for the green market now that you know there will be ramps, sorrel and the like to fill your bag instead of just potatoes.

Such happenings reminded us that it was time to assemble a mixed case to commemorate the new season's arrival. As always, today's selections represent our favorite new wines from recent tastings - and as always, we'll delve into the off-the-radar gems of the wine world.

To make it even better, this spring mixed case represents the BEST DEAL on these wines: A stellar cast of bottles, discounted 20%.

Beginning with the reds: On offer is a combination of lighter, more energetic wines suited to lighter fare, plus a heartier wine or two for those hankering for one last cassoulet or grilled steak with an herb and anchovy butter. Clos de Gamot Cahors is a robust entry with plums, iron-rich minerality and hints of tar. Molettieri's Irpinia is based on southern Italy's noble Aglianico grape and offers intense minerals, dark cherry fruit, violets, pepper and a hint of mint - it just cries out for spring lamb. On the lighter side, Lapierre's Morgon 08 is drinking absolutely gorgeously right now. Rock star winemaker Thierry Puzelat and his Clos du Tue-Boeuf make an appearance with his Cheverny Rouge from the much anticipated 09 vintage. It's pure deliciousness.

The red/white case includes Pepiere's Muscadet - a perennial favorite, but shockingly good in 09. Perfectly suited to spring greens is Lecomte's Quincy. Slightly richer than most Sancerres, this delivers classic notes of herbs and gunflint. One of the more unusual entries is a dry Pedro Ximinez (the grape that usually makes sweet sherries) from a high-altitude vineyard in Chile. Its persistent saline minerality is singular and utterly fascinating. Finally, Brun's Beaujolais Rosé is included in anticipation of the sun-filled afternoons to come. The 09 rosé not only offers a sneak peak at the great 09 Beaujolais vintage, but it's also the perfect beverage for salad Niçoise or just a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The red-only case covers benchmarks like Charvin's classic CĂ´tes du Rhone from the already-legendary 07 vintage; plus La Marche-Canon, a textbook Bordeaux; and a Croatian wine that crosses Zinfandel and Dobricic, an obscure indigenous grape.

Details on this mixed case are below - there is a tremendous amount to explore and enjoy. Please respond to this e-mail or call the store (212-980-9463) to order.

Please specify whether you’d prefer a red-only or red/white mixed case. And check out the website regularly, because as the seasons change, so will our mixed case. In fact, we will always have a tailored mixed case available online, so when these 12 bottles run out, don't hesitate to reorder.

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Spring Mixed Case

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Both Cases Include:

2008 Di Barro Mayolet
Mayolet is an indigenous grape that hails from the shadows of Mt. Blanc in Italy's Valle d'Aosta region. It delivers lively reds fruits with an energetic spine of forest floor notes and rocky alpine minerality. 

2007 Texier Côtes du Rhone Brézème 
Texier's Syrah from a nearly forgotten vineyard with clay-limestone soils can give many CĂ´te-RĂ´tie a run for their money. Spicy with violet flourishes, this shows great persistence and verve.

2009 Tue-Boeuf Cheverny Rouge
One of our first arrivals from the much-anticipated 09 vintage. Rock star natural winemaker Thierry Puzelat delivers a juicy, downright gulpable wine whose concentration shows the signs of a very strong vintage indeed.

2008 Lapierre Morgon

Lapierre's 08 is drinking so well right now that it was impossible not to include it. It's a delicious study in purity and expressiveness.

2005 Clos de Gamot Cahors

Here is authentic, sturdy Cahors. For all of its tannic power, the wine never comes off as being severe. Instead, it delivers the raw and rustic honesty that is typical of France's Southwest with plum fruits, hints of licorice, and intensely earthy iron-rich minerality.

2006 Molettieri Irpinia Aglianico
Like the Cahors, this is another robust entry, this time from southern Italy. Dark cherry fruit marries with pepper and an intense mineral component.


Red-Only Includes

2007 Lirica Plavac Mali
Plavac Mali is a cross between Zinfandel and Dobricic, an obscure Croatian grape; it's indigenous to Croatia’s Dalmatia Coast. This wine displays less ripe fruits than the typical American Zinfandel and has lots of roasted herb notes and rocky minerality.

2007 Dashe Zinfandel
We couldn't help but offer a good old American Zin to compare to the Plavac Mali. Dashe delivers one of the best-balanced examples that we've found. The perfumed strawberry fruits offer a pleasing tartness that's backed by complementing spice notes. 

2007 Charvin CĂ´tes du Rhone "La Poutet"
Charvin's CdR is always one of the best around. This is particularly the case with the heralded 07 vintage. The wine is full of spiced fruits with an undercurrent of herbs and minerals. 

2008 El Ganador Malbec
Classic, sturdy, dark-fruited Malbec that shows off why this grape has done so well for itself in Argentina.

2007 La Marche-Canon Fronsac
Traditionally-styled Bordeaux with an ample amount of cassis and plum fruit wrapped around classic cedar and mineral notes.

2007 Mona Sangiovese
This Sangiovese from Abruzzo shows a rounder cherry character and more overt spice than its Tuscan brethren.


Red-White Includes:

2009 Brun Beaujolais Rosé d'Folie
By all accounts, something special happened in Beaujolais in 09. Brun's rosé offers an uncomplicated and enjoyable sneak peak.

2009 Pépière Muscadet sur Lie
A perennial favorite, the 09 version is just great: briny with a refreshing lemon-lime zing.

2008 Monsignore Pagadebit di Romagna
Better known as the Bambino Bianco grape, Monsignore's Pagadebit delivers intense lemon-inflected minerality that crackles across the palate.

2009 Elki Pedro Ximenez 
That's right. Dry PX from high-altitude vineyards in Chile. This has an intriguing saline minerality to it. Fun stuff.

2006 Billaud-Simon Petit Chablis
A fresh, lively and brisk wine with classic Chablis minerality.

2008 Lecomte Quincy VV
Classic Loire Sauvignon Blanc with a touch more richness than Sancerre. Full of herbs, gun flint, and ripe acidity.

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