Stand Alone Petillant: 2009 Huet Petillant Brut Reserve

Posted by Joe Salamone

Huet's Pétillants are some of our favorite sparkling wines. For us, it's one of the best wines outside of Champagne.

When the 2009 Brut Reserve arrived, we were really eager to taste it. We loved the 2009 regular Petillant and had high hopes. The '09 Pétillant Reserve didn't disappoint.

What separates the basic (excellent) Pétillant bottling from the reserve is that the reserve is released later, after it has spent more time on the lees. At its best, the reserve is deeper, more complex and longer than the basic bottling, while possessing plenty of finesse and cut.

To be honest, before we tasted the 2009 Pétillant Reserve we worried that it might be a little too big. We love Huet's pétillants for their chiseled energy, and 2009 was a ripe vintage in the Loire. While Huet's basic 2009 Pétillant has plenty of verve, our concern was that the extra lees aging on the reserve would tip it into flabby territory. Thankfully, nothing of the sort happened.

The 2009 Reserve has the chalky, textured minerality and zingy citrus core that we love in Huet's Pétillant. There's also a powerful and explosive mid-palate of dazzling spice and stone fruits.

Huet's Pétillant has an impressive track record for aging. We've tasted bottles all the way back to 1964. The 2009 promises to age well for the next 10 years and beyond. It's without a doubt one the best values in cellarable sparkling wine.

It's striking just how good Huet's Pétillant is. In general, sparkling Vouvray is all too often made from overcropped and underripe grapes, and the results are, unsurprisingly, indifferent sparkling wines. This is simply not the case at Huet. The quality of Huet's Pétillant offers only more proof that this is a reference point for the entire Loire and one of the great domaines of the world.

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Joe Salamone

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2009 Huet Vouvray Petillant Brut Reserve