Striking Energy, Clarity and Finesse:
2009 Egon Müller Scharzhofberger Kabinett

Posted by Joe Salamone

Scharzhofberg is one of the great sites of Germany. And it doesn't get much better than Müller and Scharzhofberg.

Compared to other top sites, Scharzhofberg functions on a different register. The usual story is one of ripeness.

Scharzhofberg is famous for achieving only modest ripeness. What results is consistently spectacular. Scharzhofbergers from Müller in any vintage thrive on steely finesse that's both full of cut and has a cool, mineral-drenched length that boasts the wine's nobility.

These are without a doubt some of the most thrilling, jaw-dropping wines on the planet. It's rare that we say this, but our favorite vintages of Müller tend to be the riper ones. When you think about the site, it makes sense.

Needless to say, Müller's 2009s are stunning. And we've always loved the '09 Kabinett in particular. I'm very happy to be able to offer this today.

The '09 Kabinett shows a beautiful depth combined with that striking energy, that clarity and finesse that make Müller some of greatest white wines around. The poise and multi-dimensional presentation is something that has embedded itself in our memory since the very first time we tasted it.

There's no doubt that Müller is one of the most bulletproof producers in all of Germany. These are truly special wines. A well-aged bottle of Müller Kabinett is one of our most beloved wine experiences. This 2009 will age beautifully.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer

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