Structure, Concentration, Energy: Bouchard Le Corton

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Structure, Concentration, Energy, Value
2007 Bouchard Le Corton
Secret Gem of the Vintage - Lowest Price in the Nation

"A truly magnificently complex nose that is layered, dense and broad... rich, full and powerful big-bodied flavors... the length seems to go on and on. Impressive and built like it."
- Burghound

No region in the world is more confounding than Burgundy. Vintages like 2005, where you can throw a dart and hit a masterful wine, are very rare.

In nearly every other year, to find the great wines, the wild values, some sleuthing is necessary. You have to talk to your neighbor about that hail in Vosne. You have to ask about that new upstart in Gevrey - what exactly was that gleaming stainless steal machine they brought down into the cellar?

Finally, you have to taste, a lot. This is the quest that gives Burgundy its soul, that has collectors and critics roaming the streets up and down the Côte in November looking for the legends, the surprises, the new heroes.

Today we announce one of our great discoveries for the vintage: Bouchard's 2007 Le Corton, on offer at the lowest price in the nation. This is a Grand Cru value we strongly recommend you take advantage of.

While Bouchard's 2007 Le Corton has a massive structure (as Le Corton should), what is shocking is the fineness of the nose, the gleaming transparency of the fruit that is perfumed, energetic, detailed. The Burghound refers to "big bodied flavors that culminate in a peacock's tail of a finish that really fans out." Exactly right Mr. Burghound.

Bouchard remains well under the radar for the general public (read: value!), in spite of the massive investments in the vineyard and cellar which have brought this historical estate to a new high. While their white wines seem to have already lit a fire among the top-tier collectors (our Corton-Charlemagne offer from last week had an incredible response), the top reds from Bouchard should not be overlooked. You heard it here first - this will be the next chapter as this estate gains more and more momentum.

The 2007 Le Corton was stunning last Monday night at a small tasting held at the store with Luc Bouchard (pictured at right). In fact, we were all shocked by the wine's concentration of pure, slightly sauvage red fruit that rested effortlessly on the palate, giving the wine tremendous lift and freshness. The transparency of the beautiful reds that can be produced in the south of Burgundy, especially in a vintage like 2007, is on impressive display in this wine.

While the 2007 vintage will certainly produce earlier drinking wines than behemoth years such as 2002 and 2005, this Le Corton, while deceptively lovely at the tasting, is still a wine for the patient. This will develop in the cellar for quite a while - those who have the space for the four-pack are strongly encouraged to do so.

Our parcel of Bouchard's 2007 Le Corton is small, priced very sharply and only being offered to those that have supported Bouchard and Burgundy, so we'll keep it short today. To order, email us at or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

And enjoy the snow!

Ian McFadden
Director of Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

Bouchard Père & Fils Le Corton

Burghound: "A truly magnificently complex nose that is layered, dense and broad with a mix of red berry fruits, earth, spice, smoke, meat and leather with a distinct animale character that leads to very rich, full and powerful big-bodied flavors that culminate in a peacock's tail of a finish as this really fans out. The tannins are dense but fine and the length seems to go on and on. Impressive and built like it."

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