Stunning length... Great juice! - 2013 Keller Hubacker GG

Posted by Joe Salamone

"Stunning length... Great juice!"
2013 Keller Hubacker GG

Keller produced a stunning collection of 2013s.

It's as simple as that.

They are linear, mineral, finely judged and beautifully balanced.

Everyone who has been fortunate enough to taste Keller's 2013s has walked away incredibly impressed.

Keller's are some of the grandest, most powerful Rieslings around. They are also rigorous, pristine and finely etched. That's what makes them so haunting.

Since 2009, we've watched Hubacker make huge leaps in terms of fineness and tension. The Hubacker is the most masculine and luxurious of Keller's GG line-up. It's been amazing over the past handful of vintages to watch Hubacker's exotic nature get tenser, more refined and more elegant without sacrificing its layered complexity.

We love cooler, more mineral vintages of this wine. The 2013 possesses the firm backbone and vividness that we’re so fond of in these vintages. A salty minerality plays a lead role in the wine mingling with stone fruits and ripe citrus. Overall, it possesses a striking finesse, harmony and piercing length.

The Rheinhessen was one of the most successful regions in 2013. It suffered much less severe rains and other issues than areas to the north. The wines have a beautiful drive, clarity and depth of minerality. It's really a lovely combination.

The quantities of Keller's Grosses Gewächs grow more painful each year. It took a lot of searching to find enough wine for an offer and at the end of the day, it's not all that much.

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Joe Salamone
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