Stunning Purity and Cut: 2014 Balagny Fleurie Chavot

Posted by Joe Salamone

Stunning Purity and Cut
2014 Balagny Fleurie Chavot

Julie Balagny is producing some of the most beautiful expressions of Fleurie. And she's wasted no time in doing so.

She arrived in 2009, settled into an obscure vineyard, En Remont, in the northern section of Fleurie and had a really, really impressive debut.

The wines have only gotten better since. They are beautifully expressive, incisive and simply eminently drinkable.

In 2009, Balagny took over 3.2ha of vines in the Northeastern part of Fleurie. She had been making wine in Provence and looking to buy land in Beaujolais. It was none other than Yvon Métras who alerted her to En Remont being available. Later, Métras gave her key advice on the ins and outs of vinifying Beaujolais.

En Remont produces a very high energy, piercing expression of Fleurie. There's no doubt that Balagny has a special touch when it comes to rendering hyper-expressive Gamay. The high tension, driving acidity of En Remont offers a perfect delivery system for floral and stony mineral notes that Balagny so brilliantly coaxes from the site.

For all of the cut and dancing acidity, the wines are never shy on textural allure. As brisk as they are, Balagny's wines always have a sneaking, haunting tactile complexity.

The 2014 Chavot dramatizes all of these qualities. The vintage is a really exciting one. It seems to pack so much in a frame that manages to remain vibrant and free of excess. In Balagny's case, you get something with explosive complexity while being bright and snappy.

Balagny is one of our favorite producers in Beaujolais. Few Beaujolais are as fascinating or riveting. If you haven't heard of the wines, it's because Balagny's small holdings and huge popularity in France really limit the wines' exposure in this country.

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