Sub-$20 Pinot Noir Stunner: Back up the Truck!

Posted by Joe Salamone

Back Up The Truck - Sub-$20 Pinot
2010 Guillaume Pinot Noir
Beauty, Simplicity and Value

We're always on the hunt for sub-$20 Pinot Noir. Again, this year our best find is Guillaume's perennially overachieving wine.

Today marks our third offer in six years of Guillaume's Pinot. What's always impressed us about the wine is its energy, its purity.

It's a wine that does what it does simply, beautifully. And, it succeeds in a big way.

The 2010 edition of Guillaume's Pinot is very impressive. It possesses a pristine expression of red fruits, flowers and a touch of Pinot spice.

Burgundy lovers should take notice (and take some stock): This Pinot Noir can compete with wines from the Cote d'Or at more than double (triple?) the price. Pinot Noir fans in general, and really anyone looking for extreme value, should pause - if just for a moment.

Guillaume's main business is a vine nursery where they supply many of the world's top wineries, including Domaine Romanee Conti.They also moonlight as winemakers themselves. As far as we're concerned, they can quit their day jobs.

When you think about the disconnect between price and quality, it's striking, but not surprising. What you have is the confluence of pedigree, viticultural know-how and a really obscure, but well chosen, location. How couldn't something impressive and affordable result?

Guillaume's vineyards are located in the Franche-Comté in eastern France about a hundred kilometers northeast from Beaune, the heart of Burgundy. Pinot Noir seems to thrive in the area's cool climate and marly soils - yet the real estate here is considerably less expensive than in Burgundy proper. Which goes some distance in explaining the absurdly low price.

2010 is by all accounts a special vintage in Burgundy and this extends to the area where Guillaume's Pinot is produced. Guillaume's 2010 Pinot shows a brightness and clarity that's backed up by plenty of substance. There's a detail and focus to the wine that makes it incredibly exciting.

It's the sort of wine that you want to always have on hand for weekday meals, when friends stop by, when the moment calls for something simple, something honest, something delicious.

The unfortunate story here, as is often the case in 2010, is that quantities are way down. Last year, our Guillaume offer was met with an avalanche of orders and thankfully, we were able to honor almost all of them. Things are much dicier this year. Please give us your ideal order ASAP and we'll try out best.

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