Summer Mixed Case: 20% Off

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Summer Mixed Case
A Fresh Mix of our Favorites for Summer
BIG SAVINGS: Every Bottle Discounted 20%!

The third "official" day of summer and already our first scorcher is here... It seemed like the perfect time to get a summer mixed case together.

We wanted you to have an arsenal of our favorite bottles to beat the heat or tackle some charred meat fresh off the grill. As always, we've tasted through the world of wine searching for the most interesting wines and the best values.

To make it even better, this summer mixed case represents the BEST DEAL on these wines: a stellar cast of bottles, discounted 20%!

This brings a case that would be about $230 down to $185. (Please take the $45 savings and invest in sunscreen.)

Beginning with the whites, Giovanni Almondo takes Piedmont's Arneis to a new level of delicate, herb- and floral-inflected refreshment. Here's a perfect wine for the aperitif hour or to sip while kicking your feet up on a summer day. In a similar vein is Leitz Eins Zwei Dry, a nicely fruited, briskly mineral wine. Finally, Thomas Morey's Bourgogne Blanc offers up something richer but still bright, with plenty of acidity.

Before getting to the reds, it would be criminal not to mention Copain's rosé Tous Ensemble from California with its ample body and delicious red fruits.

On to the reds: There are some lighter offerings, like Peillot's Pinot Noir and Pépière's Cabernet Franc La Pépie, that beg for a 45-minute chill before pulling the cork. And possibly the most unusual offering is Monte di Grazia Rosso, hailing from high above Amalfi and made from the local Tintori di Tramonti grape along with a touch of Piedirosso. The vines here are 50-100 years old, and minimal sulfur is added during winemaking. There are layered, herbal-tinged dark fruits along with a completely intriguing earthy and subtly salty minerality. Monte di Grazia along with Chante Cigale L'Apostrophe are the best bets for pairing with heartier grilled fare.

Details on this mixed case are below - there is a tremendous amount to explore and enjoy. Please email us at or call the store at (212) 980-9463 to order.

Check out the website regularly, because as the seasons change, so will our mixed case. In fact, we will always have a tailored mixed case available online, so when these 12 bottles run out, don't hesitate to reorder.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
Crush Wine & Spirits

Summer Mixed Case

20% OFF!

SUMMER 2010 MIXED CASE was $233.88
Now $187.08

2009 Giovanni Almondo Arneis
Light, crisp and delicate with herbal and floral notes. Gorgeous.

2008 Neumayer Grüner Veltliner Engelberg
Grüner grown on a rare limestone outcropping in the Traisental region. This shows an unusual amount of clarity and detail.

2008 Thomas Morey Bourgogne Blanc
A wine of richness and clarity with a brisk, acidic spine.

2009 Leitz Eins Zwei Dry
The crisp, slatey mineral notes are complemented by notes of smoke, lemon and stone fruits.

2008 Nigl Grüner Veltliner Freiheit
Fresh and lively Gruner with classic notes of pepper and snap peas.

2009 Copain Rosé Tous Ensemble
Gorgeous, perfumed red fruits are complicated by spice and flowers. Absolutely lovely for afternoon sipping and full enough to pair with hearty grilled fare.

2009 Pépière Cabernet Franc La Pépie
Muscadet master Marc Olivier's lively little red wine. It takes well to a slight chill and offers simple, spicy, mineral-laden enjoyment.

2009 Jean-Paul Brun Terres Dorées Beaujolais Vielles Vignes
From the heralded 09 Beaujolais vintage, Brun's wine shows that the year's hype is warranted.

2009 Peillot Bugey Pinot Noir
Peillot's is always a lovely and gulpable Pinot with great energy.

2008 Federiciane Gragnano
Campania's answer to Lambrusco and Naples' classic beverage pairing with pizza. Give it a brief chill and serve with red sauces.

2005 Monte di Grazia Rosso
Another Campanian entry - this time the local Tintori di Tramonti grape and a touch of Piedirosso give dark fruits steeped in savory herbs and unique minerality; a fair amount agility for such a robust wine.

2008 Chante Cigale L'Apostrophe
This would have been a Côtes du Rhone, except it has too much of the Cinsault grape to qualify for the appellation. We don't mind: The Cinsault lends a lovely, lean, herbal streak to the wine. 

* Please note that due to the savings offered, we must add a nominal charge for all NYC truck deliveries outside of our local delivery area: $10 for non-local Manhattan deliveries.  For outer borough deliveries, please refer to our delivery maps for minimums and fees.