Summer Sipping, Perfected:
2015 Piedmont Filzener Riesling Kabinett

Posted by Joe Salamone

This summer is starting to feel like one endless heatwave.

When it gets this hot, we have one fail-proof go-to: Riesling Kabinett.

This style of wine is the absolute perfect summer sipper. It’s super refreshing, light on its feet, and blissfully easy on the alcohol.

This summer, our favorite is a surprisingly affordable Saar Riesling from a killer vintage: 2015 Piedmont Riesling Kabinett Filzener.

Piedmont’s Kabinett Filzener over-delivers in a big way. It offers up

a textbook Saar profile - light, energetic, and crisp. One of the interesting things about Piedmont is their old school approach to vinifying their Prädikat wines drier than is the current norm. The Filzener clocks in at 10% alcohol compared to the 7.5-8% where most of its peers reside. The wine has a clear emphasis on minerality and pristine cut.

2015 is easily one of the best vintages of the past decade and the Kabinett Filzener brilliantly highlights the best of the vintage. It possesses a weightless intensity with a riveting mineral punch and sparkling, steely background. It's an irresistible bottle.

At this point, many current vintage Kabinetts have climbed into the $30s and $40s. At under $20, the 2015 Filzener Kabinett is simply a steal and worth stockpiling for what remains of summer and beyond.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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