Super-Rare: 2013 FX Pichler Riesling Unendlich Magnums

Posted by Joe Salamone

Legendary "Ghost" Riesling
2013 F.X. Pichler Riesling "Unendlich" Magnums

F.X. Pichler's Unendlich is the rarest wine in all of Austria. Magnums even more so.

More importantly though, the "Unendlich" is consistently among the absolute greatest dry Rieslings. This is easily one of the most mesmerizing wine experiences on the planet.

The only equivalent that I can think of in terms of rarity and sheer quality is Keller's G-Max. I should mention that these magnums are the only ones available in the country.

The 2013 Unendlich seems poised to be one of the most important vintages for the wine.

Time has only driven home that 2013 is a special vintage in Austria. Almost every Austrian grower you speak with says that 2013 is the best vintage in the past twenty years. The 2013s are brilliant, clear as day wines that offer plenty of finely etched length and overall completeness.

Unendlich is always the deepest of Pichler's Rieslings, but the true magic of the wine is its focus and pristine elegance. In 2013, the beautiful clarity in each glossy layer of mineral, fruit and spice is amplified in a huge way. Unendlich means unending and the wine certainly lives up to its name.

This is one of those "ghost" bottles that rarely see the light of day. For those who know, Unendlich is something to chase down. The 2013 shows every indication of being a legendary edition of this great wine.

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Joe Salamone
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