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"This is one of the classiest wines of the vintage"
- 2015 Forman Cabernet Sauvignon

When it comes to old-school Cali Cabernet, Forman is one of the time-tested, essential names to know. The fact that Forman made one of the most understated and finessed examples of the 2015 vintage won't surprise many seasoned California wine fans.

Wine of the Year #2: Ian's Pick
2014 Enfield Cabernet Sauvignon
Fort Ross - Seaview Sonoma Coast

In all my years of picking out wines of the year, I don’t think that choosing something from California ever crossed my mind until now. The 2014 Enfield Cabernet Sauvignon Fort Ross-Seaview Sonoma Coast opened my eyes to what’s possible in California: wines that have depth and complexity while remaining fresh and elegant.

Seductive Grandeur
2014 Grange des Péres VDP l'Herault

Grange des Péres' Laurent Vaillé spent time with JF Coche, Gerard Chave and Trévallon's Eloi Durrbach. After that, he took some dynamite and started blasting into hard limestone to plant a vineyard.