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Winter Savior: A Splash of Spanish Sun
2008 Numanthia Termes
Back Up the Truck for the Lowest Price in the WORLD

Last year, we tried the 2007 Termes and straight-up fell in love with it. It was probably the best value Spanish wine we'd ever come across. We bought a HUGE parcel that had to be replenished - thrice.

People still always ask us, "When will the Termes be back?" The answer...


Honestly, with the winter this is shaping up to be, a case of dark, spicy, hedonistic red from sunny central Spain sounds really good to us.

What sounds even better is that we can offer this at the absolute lowest price in the world. Very simply, the quality to price ratio here is insane. Consider that the Numanthia estate under winemaker Marcos Eguren essentially put Toro on the map (click here for more) with their flagship Termanthia bottling, a wine of epic proportions due to its "200% new oak treatment" that renders it larger than life and darker than night. The Termanthia's price range? Try $150-300.

The Termes bottling is different - it shows much less wood and much more finesse... and at a minuscule fraction of the price. When it comes to detail, a seamless presentation of cocoa, leather, roasted stone and deeply seductive fruit, this quality to price ratio can't be beat.

The 2008 Termes is absolutely on par with the deft elegance yet hedonistic dark fruit and spice that we fell in love with in the 07. This is the perfect bottle to cuddle up with on movie night at home, yet it also has enough backbone to put down on the table with our favorite cold-weather antidotes like chili, pot roast, tagine. Heck, when T-shirt weather finally rolls around again, any spare bottles will be ideal with burgers on the grill, too.

There is no denying the quality of the winemaking from Eguren. The foundation is as simple as it is essential: great vineyards, low yields and careful winemaking. It is always a great pleasure for us when we find bottles that embody this formula and that are this delicious. When they come at this kind of pricing... well... it's enough for us to say, "Back up the truck!"

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Robert Schagrin
Managing Partner
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2008 Numanthia Termes

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