Terrific - 2007 Angerville Volnay 1er Cru Fremiet

Posted by Ian McFadden

"Sparkling... like diamond dust."
2007 Angerville Volnay
1er Cru Frémiet
Lowest Price in the Nation

"Terrific and built to age over the medium term." -Burghound

Frémiet occupies a fascinating place in Angerville's stable. If Clos des Ducs is monumental and Champans offers iron tinged richness, then Frémiet is the jumpy, nervous, delicate brother.

Because of this, Frémiet can get lost in the mix. It's unfair, but from a pricing perspective this is a good thing.

I should mention from the outset that we have a very limited amount of Angerville's 2007 Frémiet. This is only going out to people who have supported the Burgundy program. Still, I see this small parcel disappearing in no time.

The 1er Cru Frémiet comes from a higher altitude. And you can feel it - Fremiet possesses a beautiful delicacy, an assertive, firm minerality, gorgeous aromatics and a pinpoint precision.

Angerville's 2007 Frémiet is an especially bright and flat out lovely example. Stephen Tanzer has summed up the 2007 vintage as having finishes with "an almost electric impression of lift and perfume, as if their fine tannins were sparkling on the palate like diamond dust." The 2007 Frémiet captures these qualities almost perfectly.

With each passing week, my fondness grows for red Burgundies from 2007. This is especially true of the Côte de Beaune, which is clearly the sweet spot of the vintage.

This is a situation where you have a really good wine at a silly price. There's not much left to say.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

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Burghound: "Here the nose offers another discreet if noticeable step up in overall elegance with a cool, sophisticated, airy and wonderfully diaphanous set of red pinot fruit aromas that display the fact that this is a vineyard of obvious altitude. The middle weight flavors are detailed and gorgeously intense, while brimming with minerality on the palate staining finish. Terrific and built to age over the medium term."

2007 Angerville 1er Cru Frémiet is pre-arrival.
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