2021 Jérôme Galeyrand Fixin Le Champs des Charmes

Posted by Ian McFadden

"The 2021 Fixin Champs des Charmes is terrific, but followers of Galeyrand's wines will know that this old-vine parcel is invariably among the range's highlights." -William Kelley, The Wine Advocate

Jérôme Galeyrand is crafting utterly breathtaking red Burgundy. 

His wines stand out for their purity, detail, and gorgeous textures. We've been working with Galeyrand wines for the past six years and have watched the wines grow more refined with each passing year. 

photo of bottle of 2021 Galeyrand Fixin Le Champs des Charmes

The Fixin Le Champs des Charmes has been our go-to bottle throughout this time. 

Gevrey rolls off the tongues of Burgundy novices with ease, while it takes some time exploring Burgundy's back roads to discover the village of Fixin.

Wines like Joliet's Fixin Clos de la Perrière and Gelin's Fixin Clos Napoléon quietly cruised around for many years, with a cult following among those in the know. In recent years, a younger generation of producers, Amélie Berthaut and Jérôme Galeyrand, have brought the appellation to the forefront of people's minds.

Le Champs des Charmes is an ideal introduction to the incredible wines that Galeyrand is releasing from Fixin. There's a gorgeous harmony and precision to the wine. It's fascinating how the wine combines stony minerality with high-toned and aromatically beguiling red fruits and floral notes. 

This Fixin is an incredibly exciting red Burgundy. It's been really challenging to find a enough of this wine for an offering. I'm happy to finally be able to offer it. These are currently the only bottles available in the U.S. 

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare
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2021 Galeyrand, Jerome Fixin Le Champs des Charmes

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