Texier in Burgundy w/ 100-Year-Old Vines: 2008 Macon-Bussiere

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Texier in Burgundy with Ancient Vines
2008 Texier Mâcon-Bussières Très Vieilles Vignes
"All About Minerality."

Eric Texier may be best known for producing superbly balanced and elegant Rhône wines, but he was originally interested in making wine in Burgundy...

This is where Texier cut his winemaking teeth, after all, studying with the spirited Jean-Marie Guffens at Verget.

It will probably surprise no one that finding land in Burgundy, or even high quality grapes, to purchase was extremely difficult, so he turned the majority of his focus to the Rhône. He has had incredible successes in that region.

Texier's Burgundian story doesn't end there, however; Texier is a persistent and resourceful guy and isn't afraid to look beyond the obvious. Consider his work in the "forgotten" Rhône vineyards of Brézème and St.-Julien-en-St.-Alban. 

This offer represents the jewel in the crown of Texier's Burgundy search: a Chardonnay sourced from 80- to 100-year-old vines in Mâcon-Bussières. It is also LUDICROUSLY priced - and we mean that in the context of fine Burgundy, in the context of fine white wine and finally, just in the context of wine.

As for the wine, Texier claims the following: "Bussières is all about minerality." For those familiar with Texier's Rhône wines - namely their sense of restraint, elegance and finely calibrated balance - you will find a kinship here, a similar stylistic signature where the soils speak articulately, but nothing about the wines shout at you. To use the abused word, there's a subtlety here... and transparency. 

But this is also a Chardonnay that struts its old-vine vigor with plenty of richness, concentration and power. While this is hardly Kistler-esque, these vines yield only a very, very small amount of tiny, concentrated grapes, and while the presence on the palate is both broad and deep, for sure, it's married to a level of detail and acidity that renders the wine long and precise instead of fatiguing. The palate of Texier's Bussières TVV is awash in citrus oils, minerals, hazelnuts and ripe yet firm stone fruits. 

While this will benefit from a solid five years' cellaring, Texier's Bussières TVV is also a perfect wine to stand up to hardier summer fare when the temperatures make opening a red unimaginable. So if you get to July and you don't have any left, don't feel too bad.

That said, you will not be able to re-up. The bottles on offer are the only ones available in the country. Once our tranche sells out, this unique wine will simply be unavailable. To order, please email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463. 

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2008 Texier Mâcon-BussièresTrès Vieilles Vignes