The 2008 Rose Champions! The Best-of-the-Best for Summer Sipping...

Posted by CrushWine

The world of rose is getting bigger, grander and more diverse than ever!

While we stock - and love - the great classic roses of southern France, there is a brave new world of exciting roses that translate the easy-going, mouthwatering and lip-smacking philosophy of great rose through a wide spectrum of cultures and culinary traditions, not to mention various landscapes and terroirs, grapes and winemaking styles.

A rose made from Pinot Noir in Sancerre? A sparkling rose from Austria's deep south? A California rose with uniquely Italian grapes - Dolcetto and Nebbiolo? (See below for more on each wine.)

Who would have thought that these three unlikely characters would be your best-of-the-best roses for 2008!

We had a record turnout for last Thursday's "War of the Roses" and more than any other year, 2008's rose champions are a true celebration of the kaleidescope of rose flavors out there. It's an exciting time to go rose - and not only because the thermometer will be rising soon!

All these winning roses have been discounted, and because we think your choices for 2008 are so inspiring, so unique and such a great cross-section of what's happening right now in rose, we've discounted each bottle up to 20% when you buy the "Crush Champion Roses Mixed-Case" - four bottles of each winning rose for only $206.96!

Without further ado, the official results!
#1: 2007 Lauverjat Sancerre Rose - discounted!
#2: NV Strohmeier Schilcher Sekt - discounted!
#3: 2007 Palmina Botasea Rose - discounted!

We've stocked up on these three champions because you've spoken and there's a lot of summer ahead of us!

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