"The airy finesse is simply stunning"
2020 Willi Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Kabinett

Posted by Joe Salamone

Simply put, Schaefer is one of the top collections of the 2020 vintage, and the Domprobst Kabinett is one of the best wines in the collection.

The vintage turned out a cast of Kabinetts that we haven't seen in over a decade. 

photo of label for Schaefer Graach Dom KAB

The 2020 Domprobst Kabinett offers serious cut and a lifted, finessed delicacy. There's an incredible persistence and precision to the wine and the lithe frame is packed with lots of nuanced complexity.

Out of Schaefer's Kabinetts, Domprobst is the most yellow fruited and layered. It also has the most complexity and the greatest aging capabilities.

The 2020's pristine clarity and incredible harmony promises that it will age beautifully. Schaefer's wines are some of the most consistent that we know. Still, when they nail a vintage watch out - the results are stunning. 

Every vintage, we buy every bottle of the Domprobst Kabinett that we can find. It's never enough. Few wines in Germany have the following that the Domprobst Kabinett does. We suggest that you get your orders in early. 

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Joe Salamone
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2020 Schaefer, Willi Riesling Kabinett Graacher Domprobst #3

750 ml


Mosel Fine Wines: "The 2020er Graacher Domprobst Riesling Kabinett was fermented down to fruity-styled levels of residual sugar. It offers an incredibly subtle feel of pear, cassis, bergamot, white flowers, vineyard peach, wet stone, and fine subtle smoky elements. The wine is stunningly vibrant, subtly multilayered with ripe and citrusy fruits, but, above all, incredibly light-footed on the palate. The finish is all about elegance and finesse. This stunning Kabinett is clearly still on the backward side but the airy finesse is simply stunning. This brings us right back to the glorious 1990s!"