The Best of I'll Drink to That!
Nine Highlights from 2019

Posted by Joe Salamone

As we close out the decade, the I’ll Drink to That! podcast has had an incredible run of episodes, featuring in-depth interviews with people who rarely grant them.

The level of insight about wine is at times astonishing, but these are also human stories: often entertaining and relatable. Here are some of our very favorite releases from I’ll Drink to That! in 2019.

Because it is truly hard to suss out the great from the great, these are listed simply in reverse order of release date.

Photo courtesy of Cole Wilson, Portrait shot of Levy Dalton behind a microphone sniffing a glass of red wine
Photo courtesy of Cole Wilson

IDTT 476 Christophe Roumier

A fabulous interview with Burgundy great Christophe Roumier, and a rare chance to hear from Christophe about the key realizations of his career. Want to better understand the wines of Roumier? There may be no better resource out there for you to turn to than this one.

IDTT 469 Mimi Casteel

On first listen this interview was almost shocking. Mimi Casteel has a vision for farming as no less than an essential ingredient for human life at every level, and an important corrective to man-made environmental disasters. A must-listen episode for everybody on the planet, not just wine fans.

IDTT 468 David Ramey

David Ramey gives a Chardonnay master class, as he breaks down the ramifications of various techniques used in winemaking and describes the evolution of his own approach to the grape over the years.

IDTT 467 Benjamin Leroux

Thoughtful and poignant insights follow one after the other as Benjamin Leroux shares some of his most compelling observations, gleaned from multiple decades of work. Clearly highly intelligent, Benjamin delivers all kinds of new takes and sharp commentary about winemaking in Burgundy today.

IDTT 466 Joe Rochioli, Jr.

Joe Rochioli, Jr. helped pioneer Pinot Noir in Sonoma County, but is now, many decades later, almost taken aback by its success there. In this rare interview, Joe describes his early days on the family farm, why he started working with Pinot, and how the area has changed.

IDTT 463 Brenna Quigley

A phenomenal opportunity to learn about the connections between wine regions and their geology, as geologist Brenna Quigley provides some fundamentals for understanding the topic as a general interest, and then leads a geology tour of French regions famous for their wine production.

IDTT 462 David Hirsch

A compelling human story as a young adventurer, traveler, and entrepreneur eventually finds a place to really call home, and a salve to life’s later wounds.

IDTT 461 Pierre Morey

An extremely rare opportunity to hear from the legendary Pierre Morey, a vigneron who has been responsible for some of Burgundy’s greatest white wine vineyards, and who has helped make some of the very finest wines ever produced.

IDTT 459 Jasper Morris

An insider’s tour of the Côte d’Or vineyards, with one of the finest writers on the topic as your guide. This is an indispensable resource for those who want to know more about Burgundy. And quite enjoyable to listen to as well!

We couldn’t be happier to raise a glass to I’ll Drink to That!, which continues to inspire and entertain us, year after year after year. Cheers to this incredible wealth of content for wine lovers!

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