The Chambolle of the Loire:
2018 Roches Neuves Saumur-Champigny Clos de l'Echelier

Posted by Joe Salamone

Clos de l'Echelier is a very special expression of Cabernet Franc, and the 2018 vintage elevated the wine to a stunning level.

Roches Neuves's 2018s are formidable. The entire lineup is powerful, deep, and sculpted with nice precision and levity. There's impressive terroir imprint amid all the power.

The vintage produced a stunning example of Clos de l'Echelier. It has an extraordinary amount of depth and refinement.

In any vintage, Clos de l'Echelier separates itself from the pack. It's rare that people would compare a Cab Franc to Chambolle, but that's how people talk about l'Echelier. In the Loire continuum, Saumur-Champigny is known to be more muscular compared to Chinon and Bourgueil. In the l'Echelier, you get Saumur's density, but with a shocking amount of precision and class.

Clos de l’Echelier is a 1.8ha walled vineyard on hard limestone soils. There's only a thin layer of topsoil. We associate a certain elegance and sleek precision with limestone. And the l’Echelier really delivers these qualities.

The 2018 shows an intensity, grandeur, and lift that’s simply shocking. You have an explosive, soaring complexity with spice, flowers, earth, and dark fruits. Everything feels perfectly interwoven and cast in silk.

The 2018 Clos de l'Echelier highlights just how beguiling this bottling can be. There may be no more seductive and aromatically complex examples of Cabernet Franc around.

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Joe Salamone

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2018 Roches Neuves Saumur-Champigny Clos de l'Echelier

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