The Fire in Savoie: 2011 Belluard Le Feu

Posted by Joe Salamone

"The Fire" in Savoie
2011 Belluard Le Feu

For the past month or so, we've been beating the drum of Belluard's Savoie wines. Today, we conclude with his top wine, Le Feu.

Belluard's Savoie wines are some of the most exciting wines that we've tasted in some time.

They're from an esoteric region and an even more esoteric grape, but it's really the ultra-careful winemaking that places them on the world stage.

Belluard's entire line-up establishes him as one of the most skillful winemakers that we know, and we love and buy his entire range. However, Le Feu is clearly his magnum opus.

Like Grand Crus, Le Feu manages to be simultaneously more concentrated and more complex and yet, more focused, transparent and elegant.

Le Feu is also Belluard's most limited wine, especially in the 2011 vintage where yields were way down.

Le Feu is Belluard's top site. It's an impressively steep, perfectly exposed vineyard where Belluard's oldest vines sit on iron stained clay soils.Le Feu means the fire, a reference to the red tinged soils.

Belluard is located in Ayse, a forgotten corner of eastern Savoie on the border of Switzerland. He's devoted nearly all of his energies to the local Gringet grape. Gringet was once widely planted in the area, but these days Belluard's 12ha accounts for over half of Gringet plantings.

Le Feu takes Gringet to an undeniably noteworthy level. It delivers a palate saturating richness animated by a sense of a poise and energy. It boasts a flavor spectrum that's mind-bending: herb accentuated figs, lemon marmalade, a meadow of spring flowers, stony and smoky minerals and gentle vegetal undertones.

Le Feu is a strong testament to the high caliber of winemaking at Belluard, and it offers one of those delightfully surprising discoveries that wine still has new insight to offer even to the most well-versed of us.

Belluard is a rock star in France - quantities are always very limited. Even in this context, Le Feu is super-limited. It's made in small quantities and is the star of Belluard's impressive range. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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