The Geekiest La Bota to Date - La Bota de Florpower #53 Mas Alla

Posted by Joe Salamone

The Geekiest La Bota to Date
La Bota de Florpower Mas Alla #53

Equipo Navazos and the La Bota series has changed the landscape of sherry.

They are some of the most eye-opening and impressive wines out there.

Since their first "La Bota" bottling in 2005, the people behind Equipo Navazos have used their intimate knowledge of the sherry region to highlight exceptional soleras.

They've not only unearthed epic sherries but have also expanded the horizon of what the wines of sherry country can offer. Every release from La Bota has an emphatic, unforgettably unique personality. And remember this is in the context of standardization that sherry's bodegas aspire to.

However, some of their releases have been absolutely shocking even to people very knowledgeable about sherry. Things like the Manzanilla Pasada "Bota Punta," a Fino-Amontillado based on PX, a sweet PX that tastes like no other one on the planet (#25) and an old, very complex cream sherry.

To this list, we'd add today's offer, La Bota de Florpower #53.

The #53 is a single vintage (2010) unfortified wine from Sanlúcar that’s been aged under flor. If you want to think of it as a single vintage (and vineyard), unfortified Manzanilla, that's a good way to start wrapping your mind around this wine.

The people at Equipo Navazos are fascinated by the history of sherry. Back in the 18th or 19th century, the wines from SanlĂşcar were consumed locally and were generally not fortified or exported. They were valued for their lightness and delicacy. Often, too, single vineyards played a much more important role. It's this style that #53 looks to explore.

Equipo Navazos has been fascinated by this chapter of sherry's history. They started experimenting with Niepoort-Navazos, a joint project with Dirk Niepoort, and then, they released the #44 Florpower.

And #53 picks up where #44 left off. It's the same wine only aged longer. The #44 was aged under flor in barrel for eight months and then, in tank for two years. When #44 was bottled, they saved 3,000 liters and transferred those from tank into barrels that previously held Manzanilla and then Palo Cortado to age further. The wine originates mostly from the Miraflores vineyard, which has enjoyed centuries of renown for the delicacy and finesse of wines it produces.

This has to be the geekiest offering from La Bota to date. Having recently tasted the #44, which has evolved extremely well over the past year, I have really, really high hopes for this bottling over the near-term.

To order, reply to or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

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