The Ideal Stage for Cornas' Master Revisited - 2010 Allemand Cornas Chaillots

Posted by Joe Salamone

A Purists' Vintage Revisted:
The Ideal Stage for Cornas' Master
2010 Allemand Cornas Chaillots
Lowest Price in the Nation

Just over six months ago, we sent out an email for the 2010 Chaillots not knowing what we were getting into. It sold out in a couple of hours and we had to turn many people away.

In the time that's passed, the Northern Rhône has blown up. 2010 was the perfect vintage to renew interest in these wines. The 2010 vintage in the Northern Rhône is just stunning in its elegance and transparency.

Allemand's 2010s are just killer; when a parcel of more 2010 Allemand became available, we jumped on it. Today, we're happy to offer a second tranche of Allemand's 2010 Chaillots for those who missed it or just want to stock up (a smart move.)

At $109.95 per bottle, this is the lowest price around by almost 20%.

Yields were way down in 2010, up to 50%, and Allemand only has 4.5ha. Needless to say, getting a second chance at Allemand's 2010 Chaillots is sort of a miracle, and one that will not repeat itself.

Over the six months since the offer, we've been on an Allemand drinking rampage. And our love of his wines has only continued to grow. Without a doubt, Allemand is one of the most thoughtful and skilled winemakers working today.

Please see the previous offer below for more information. For now, let's just say that 2010 is a stand out vintage for both the Northern Rhône and Allemand. Not to be missed.

Joe Salamone
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Josh Raynolds: "Opaque ruby. Heady, smoke- and spice-accented aromas of dark berries, potpourri and minerals. Sappy, penetrating and pure, offering expansive black raspberry and boysenberry flavors that are lifted and sharpened by juicy acidity. Shows superb clarity and power on the finish, which is firmed by fine-grained, harmonious tannins. The balance here is remarkable."

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November 2012 Offer

All reports are that Allemand's 2010s capture his unique style with picture perfect clarity.

The only catch is that quantities are 50% below normal. There's never enough Allemand to go around in any vintage, but 2010 will be an especially painful year to secure Allemand.

For months, we've been hunting for Allemand's 2010s and finally, some broke loose. The 2010 Chaillots on offer today are the only bottles currently available in the U.S. In the context of Allemand, it's a decent parcel, but in reality it's a pretty modest one - quantities are limited.

Allemand has a huge following. We've mentioned this before, but it's worth repeating: if there is an heir to the throne of Noël Verset, it is Thierry Allemand.

Allemand's are very special wines, the product of one of the most gifted and thoughtful winemakers we know.

Allemand is simply making some of the best and most soulful wines in the Northern Rhône. They are wines that are impeccable in their precision and in their clarity.

2010 Allemand Chaillots showcases all of this in a very big way. 2010 in the Northern Rhône is a vintage for purists. There's good concentration and overall balance, but the hallmark of the vintage is its bright, clear fruit and its elegance.

People who know Allemand will immediately see how the vintage played into Allemand's strengths. Nobody renders Cornas with the fine-ness that Allemand does, and no one gives it vividness and detail the way Allemand does.

And 2010 offered an ideal stage for Allemand to show just how much finesse, detail and transparency he can endow Cornas with.

2010 promises to be an absolutely gorgeous vintage for Allemand's Chaillots. I wish there were more to go around, but at least what there is will be legendary.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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