The Incredible Lightness of Beaujolais: 2010 Guignier Moulin a Vent La Petite Oseille

Posted by Joe Salamone

The Incredible
Lightness of Beaujolais
2010 Guignier Moulin à Vent
La Petite Oseille

"Wines with body are easy to find. They're everywhere. But a wine with perfume, that is what is difficult to find."
- Jules Chauvet

This is exactly what Guignier's 2010 Moulin à Vent delivers so wonderfully and why I've kept thinking about it.

For the past few weeks, I've found myself fascinated by Michel Guignier's 2010 Moulin à Vent La Petite Oseille. At 11.5 percent alcohol, the wine delivers a beautiful combination of energy, length and complexity.

The Chauvet quote above is taken from Kermit Lynch's Adventures on the Wine Route where Lynch recounts a conversation with the famous Beaujolais négociant and father of natural winemaking, Jules Chauvet, in which he mourns the loss of low alcohol, perfumed Beaujolais.

In these days where growers are harvesting earlier and still reaching higher and higher alcohol levels, there's something really attractive and compelling about nimble, drinkable wines like Chauvet's ideal Beaujolais. The interest that we've seen in our offers for Northern Nebbiolo, Jura, and Savoie wines testify to this.

Guignier's Moulin à Vent is an exemplar of just how beautiful, how refreshing this style of wine can be.

The flavor and textural profile of Guignier's wines remind me of the Beaujolais of Yvon Métras. They share suave textures, the perfumed dark fruits and a current of granite minerality. Of course, the difference is that Métras picks very late whereas Guignier picks early.

What has kept me returning to Guignier's wine is that there's something joyous and beautiful about how it accomplishes what it sets out to do. There's something really satisfying about how weightless the wine is as it delivers layers of flowers, plum and dark berry fruit, and a firm streak of minerality. Despite its lightness of body, the wine feels totally complete and delivers a long complicated finish.

Michel Guignier is a new Beaujolais producer to the U.S., but has attracted a lot of attention in France. His Moulin à Vent comes from a high altitude, biodynamically farmed vineyard.

I'm very happy that Guignier's wines have made their way to the U.S. This is the type of wine that I really like to have on hand in good quantity. It pairs incredibly well with many dishes and gives you plenty to think about and yet, is very easy to drink.

Guignier's Moulin à Vent La Petite Oseille is really worth checking outboth for the way that its able to deliver such interest and complexity while remaining so light and agile and for its sheer enjoyment.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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