The Incredible Lightness of Beaujolais:
2013 Metras Beaujolais

Posted by Joe Salamone

Yvon Métras is one of our core producers. He's provided us with a seemingly endless amount of captivating and delicious bottles.

However, his basic Beaujolais isn't a wine that we offer every vintage.

While not every vintage seems offer-worthy, in the right vintages Métras' basic Beaujolais can be an absolutely beautiful bottle. 2013 is one of those vintages.

When you catch Métras Beaujolais in a really good vintage, watch out. There are few wines as delicious, agile and simply gulpable. It was Métras' Beaujolais that inspired Ed Behr to compose what remains some of the best writing on Beaujolais in his Art of Eating quarterly.

When I tasted the 2013 Beaujolais, I was immediately reminded of that Art of Eating piece (which I haven't read in many years) and the qualities of the wine that had fascinated Ed Behr so much.

The 2013 Beaujolais delivers such perfume and such a beautiful freshness that this is a bottle that you'll want to drink again and again. We created special 4-pack pricing for that reason.

Métras' 2013 Beaujolais delivers a rush of floral notes, a dark streak of granite minerality and ultra-bright dark fruits. There's also the suave, very appealing texture that makes Métras so special. What I especially love about the 2013 Beaujolais is its acidity that adds a dynamism and complexity to the wine.

This is the sort of wine that really shines at the table. I've drunk a bunch of bottles and every time they've been absolutely joyous. This is a Beaujolais that you really shouldn't miss. The combination of levity, deliciousness and fascination is something that very few wines achieve.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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