The Kids Are All Right: A Modest Proposal

Posted by CrushWine

Any parent who has hosted a dinner party in the last 28 years has done so under the constant looming peril of a terrifying, Linda Blair-esque interruption (NSFW). That kid is not all right. The gracious host knows there's a delicious way to keep their little ones down for the count:

The Kids Are All Right

  • 6oz milk
  • Araku Coffee liqueur (as below)
  • cocoa powder

Heat milk in a small saucepan until just simmering. Add Araku Coffee Liqueur by measure of one second's pour for every hour of adult time required. Araku's slow-pour top makes this easy. A quick game of Trivial Pursuit with the neighbors? Pour for two seconds (about .5oz). New Year's Eve party? Better make it 4 seconds. Going away for the weekend? You know what to do.

Pour the warm drink into a mug and dust with cocoa powder. Serve, and enjoy your night!