The King of Chavignol:
2015 Francois Cotat La Grande Côte

Posted by Joe Salamone

When it comes to Sancerre, Cotat's village of Chavignol is a special place.

And La Grande Côte is king.

Above everything else, Chavignol is a place of terroir. It's absolutely defined by its soil - Kimmeridgian marl, the same soil as parts of Chablis - that imbues the wine with Chablis-like minerality.

As the wines age, the minerality moves to the forefront and soon enough trumps the varietal.

Along with Vatan and his cousin, Pascal, François Cotat is Chavignol's time-tested benchmark. Check out the best wine lists or carefully selected cellars and it's a safe bet that you'll find François Cotat's wines. François Cotat's Sancerres are singular, tactile and amazingly long-aging.

La Grande Côte is Sancerre's most highly regarded site. It brings an expansive, complicated grandeur to the table without sacrificing any of the vigorous Kimmeridgian mineral core. When you taste a young Grande Côte, you immediately sense all the layers and profound depth that it holds in reserve.

In 2015, all of this feels amplified. The vintage produced a powerfully layered Grande Côte that explodes from the glass with minerality and complex citrus and stone fruits.

Grande Côte is the hardest wine to land in quantity. It's rare that we have the opportunity offer it. This offer is only going to a small group of Loire supporters. Still, we expect this to sell out quickly.

To order, please email us at or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone

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2015 François Cotat La Grande Côte